Receivable Solutions

Collect funds faster and reconcile with ease
Receivables Solutions

Stay focused on growing your business.

These solutions are designed to help your company safely speed up its receivables function while also working to streamline the process of updating your accounts receivable.

ACH Debt magnet pulling in money

Receivables Solutions

Our ACH Debit service allows your company to collect funds electronically directly from your customer’s bank accounts. We offer both same day and next day origination.

lock box, money in envelope

Receivables Solutions

Citizens Bank Lockbox service is designed to manage your companies check receivables. All checks and remittance are sent to a PO Box managed by the bank. We pick up, process, image and post your companies receivables daily.

remote deposit, receipt going into computer
Receivables Solutions

Deposit checks daily without ever leaving your office saving you time and money.

merchant services, debit card and card machine
Receivables Solutions
Citizens Bank Merchant Processing Solutions provide credit and debit card processing for businesses through our processing partner. The program supports all major payment types and is a direct processor with all major card brands. The service is quick, reliable, and secure.